Expert reveals how to adopt a sustainable decoration at home

Especialista revela como adotar uma decoração sustentável em casa
According to Priscila Prieto, specialist in custom furniture, reusing items, recycling materials and using natural light are key steps towards adopting a sustainable and ecological environment

Sustainable decoration is an increasingly relevant agenda and it is not just an aesthetic concept, but a way of cooperating with the environment when designing a home.

Currently, there are many ways to transform an environment into something beautiful and with sustainable decoration, incorporating ways to avoid excessive use of energy, water and using parts and materials that do not further deteriorate the planet.

According to businesswoman Priscila Prieto, a specialist in custom furniture and decoration for apartments, taking advantage of natural light is one of the keys to creating an environment based on sustainability. “Lampshades, light fixtures and chandeliers can be beautiful and there is nothing to disagree about that. But it is important to use them only when the sun cannot do its lighting work. Optimizing sunlight with well positioned windows, choosing ideal curtains for adequate lighting and relocating furniture according to this need are fundamental steps to optimize the impact of natural light. It is worth mentioning that natural lighting, in addition to providing us with numerous health benefits, is also a great way to enter into a sustainable lifestyle and save on your energy bill,” he reports.

The specialist states that the use of natural materials, such as wood and fibers, is a crucial point in the concept of sustainable decoration. “In addition to making any environment more beautiful and comfortable, the use of this type of resource in decoration is a great trend. However, before anything else, choose products made with sustainable wood, from companies that follow national standards and are references in the market. After all, using certified natural resources guarantees that the damage caused to nature is completely controlled and that there is a policy that involves reforestation or recovery of what is collected for use. It is very important to be aware of what is removed from exhaustible natural resources, because unlike sunlight, wood, if not replanted, can cause serious damage to the environment”, he points out.

The policy of the three R's (reuse, recycle and reduce) is essential to maintain an environment that includes sustainable decoration. “This premise suggests, for example, that people make changes to existing items instead of adding new things. It is possible to take a piece that is no longer used and, with the necessary alterations, transform it into something that is exactly what was missing for a decoration to be perfect. Adopting a sustainable decoration is not as difficult as it seems and, with simple attitudes, it is possible to do more for our environment without having to invest a lot of money for it”, concludes the decoration specialist and founder of Prieto Móveis.

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