How sustainable is your bank?

Quão sustentável é o seu banco?
A survey conducted by the association Soluções Inclusivas Susteníveis (SIS) ( ) with the support of the ICS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade) showed that the practice of banks is still far from the discourses with regard to socially and environmentally responsible actions.
From zero to 100, the highest score was 29 - and only one bank achieved this score.
Of the seven main Brazilian commercial banks analyzed and listed in the Socio-Environmental Performance Ranking (RASA), only two achieved a score above 25 in socio-environmental criteria. The others were below 20 points.
This first edition of RASA evaluated banks that represent almost 90% of the national credit market, but it was not restricted to the public information disclosed by them on their websites, since it also included reports from other entities and questionnaires.
SIS took into account criteria ranging from risk management adopted by institutions to the profile of financial products and services offered. ESG (environmental, social and governance) themes were analyzed in policies, risk management, financial products with a positive environmental or social impact, portfolio composition, governance and the institution's involvement in socio-environmental disputes.
The idea is that the ranking is released annually. The next edition regarding this universe of banks should be released at the end of this year, according to SIS.

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