World Water Day - Let's preserve it before it's gone!

Dia Mundial da Água - Vamos preservar antes que acabe!
World Water Day, celebrated this March 22, draws our attention to the risks to which our seas, rivers and springs are subject.
According to research by the 5 Gyres Institute cited by the Museum of Tomorrow on its website, there are around 21,000 pieces of plastic in the ocean for every person on Earth.
As if the data were serious enough, the research also mentions that plastic pollution doubles every six years!
The Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio, even took advantage of the date to announce the transformation of its area into a Plastic Free Zone throughout that year. Cups, bottles and plastic bags used in the day-to-day life of the museum will be replaced by other reusable materials.
The engine manufacturer Cummins Brasil maintains the Cummins Water Works (CWW) global program to strengthen environmental education and restoration of watershed areas.
With the “Brincar para Sanear” project in public schools in the Guarulhos region, the company promotes environmental education through recreational actions, focusing on water supply and sanitary sewage, impacting 1,200 students, school professionals and parents of children. students.
The Accor hotel group does its part with initiatives to save money and improve the use of resources. More than 170 of the group's hotels in Brazil have a system for capturing, treating and reusing rainwater. There are flow regulators at the water consumption points used in 97% of the hotels, without jeopardizing the comfort of the guests, and dualflux discharges -- with buttons for two different volumes of water flow -- in 76% of the hotels.

Discover the initiatives of the Museum of Tomorrow here: pt-br

Learn more about Cummins projects here: br/cummins-brasil

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