Workshop teaches young people how to generate income with recycling

Oficina ensina jovens a gerar renda com a reciclagem
Braskem, in partnership with the company Quest/Zeppelin, opens registration until April 9 for Ateliê Criativo, a project that teaches young people how to generate income by recycling plastic.
The open and free course will be offered in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Alagoas, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul, where the company is present, according to a statement.
In São Paulo, 60 participants aged 16 years and over, from low income, preferably residents in the east zone of São Paulo and Greater ABC will be selected. Interested parties can apply for the
link: .

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), only 9% of plastic waste in the world is recycled, the rest is discarded in landfills, dumps and the environment.

The Creative Ateliê project is based on the Precious Plastic initiative,
by Dutch engineer and designer Dave Hakkens, which combines the use of machines and techniques for recycling plastic in the production of various products that we consume daily.

The course has a workload of 192 hours lasting eight months, in classes held twice a week.
Participants will have access to a laboratory with complete furniture in a room equipped with electric and manual tools, computers, as well as plastic recycling machines such as shredder, injection machine, 3D printer, compression machine and milling machine.

Creative Studio
Registration - until April 9
Link for registration - JLi7AeVUbFCxhPYeA
Location of classes: ESEIS Institution - Rua Júlio Cesar Moreira, 82 - Jardim Rodolfo Pirani, São Paulo, SP.

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