Caps that change lives

Tampinhas que transformam vidas
Have you ever stopped to think about how many plastic caps are discarded in the environment every day? Do you have any idea how much recycling these caps could raise?
“Tampinha Legal” is a project by the SustenPlást Institute with the support of Movimento Plástico Transforma, which is willing to collect plastic lids, recycle them and allocate the funds raised to registered charities. The amounts obtained are allocated in full to the participating assistance entities without apportionment of material or transfers of values. The program does not receive commissions or gratuities on collected material.
The Tampinha Legal project has existed since 2016 and has already collected more than 600 million plastic lids, an amount that exceeds 1,100 tons in weight. In 2022, the collection exceeded BRL 2.5 million, which were allocated to participating charities.
And the benefits don't stop there: With each kilogram of polypropylene collected, a material that is used to manufacture plastic lids, the emission of around 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) is avoided. Since the beginning of Tampinha Legal activities, the emission of 2,250 tons of C02 into the atmosphere has been avoided, according to a release publicizing the project.
Learn more about the Tampinha Legal project here:

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